Friday, June 10, 2005

over at speckblog she's talking about dogs trained to report that they didn't find anything, just to keep them happy to keep looking. I feel a bit like that. I've nothing much to report, and I'm happily looking for work-related things on the Web and failing.

day 2 of THE LAST CHEMO (and it had better be the last, I tell you what) and I feel crap. headache, sickish, listless. and yet, due to the baby being in childcare, I have been madly crossing things off my to-do list. I have a mini-job. I have a house to run. I have a small business running a rental place up in the country. I have a university degree to consider taking up next year. I have a dog to walk. I have imaginary aches in my neck to worry about. I have acquaintances to congratulate on their pregnancies while simultaneously informing them in a blithe, no-problem fashion that I have cancer. so you can see, I just don't have time to die.

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