Monday, July 04, 2005

dateline: 9am Monday. status: fully dressed in new clothes, makeup on, ready to go storm the barricades at work. have had enough of being put off and ignored and am ready to use my staff pass to go in there and beard my manager in his den.
meanwhile, I thought I was wasting a good baby-sleep morning on this stuff. but A, who slept until the miraculous hour of 7.15 am, is sooking wildly about being put down. I expect he'll go on to sleep from 9.15-11.15, thus giving the babysitter two quiet hours I could have used to write. thus also making me ever more resentful of wasting time on this work thing.

no, he's off again. is this "fussing", as Julie would have it? or am I traumatising him? oh well, I'll overcompensate later by giving him large amounts of sweeties.

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