Tuesday, July 19, 2005

my first "day" of working from home (I've done a bit over the weekend and this is meant to be the bulk of it); a frenzy of morning activity, then some time off to rest. and of course what worker with any pride, even one working from home on a baby/doctor-imposed deadline, would leave out the bit about vague internet surfing? in my case, to grrrl's site, where, hell, let's say it, a BABY is imminent. no news yet, but some thoughts that quite bother me about the surrogacy option, and taking a baby away from its womb-mother. I remember how A turned to my voice from the second he was born.

he's in the refurbished childcare centre in our street. what a relief after all the driving to the temporary place. it was a bit strange, leaving him in a new place and just popping home to work. still not sure I'm doing entirely the right thing. but the work is very, very low-key really, and if I keep being as lucky with my calls as I was this morning, should be quite doable. OK, enough surfing. half an hour's work time left...

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