Thursday, July 07, 2005

stupidly busy day today: market, work meetings, market for lunch, failed attempt at sleep (the work thing is bugging me), mothers' group, radiotherapy, home to feed and play with baby. must freeze more meals for him.

dh is going away for all of next week. I guess it'll be OK; he really doesn't do that much around the house anyway, though sometimes he gets up early in the morning when I can't, and I make sure I keep one thing a night for him to do. tonight I am ignoring the clean dishwasher in order to let him do it. after all, I fill the dishwasher, put it on, do a few loads of washing, clean up baby stuff, take out nappy bin, cook dinner, etc etc.

it looks likely I'll be doing one short day a week, plus a few weekend hours. not that enthused about my far from glamorous, badly airconditioned office, and my workmates, who like to bash my ear about not much. am trying to get excited about the task, which may or may not be a combination of easy Web stuff and slightly less easy reporting. bosses v. sympathetic. they'd want to be.

better get offline or dh will come home while I'm blogging and assume it's all I do all day. look busy.

Your last post was such an eye opener. Many of us give so little thought to the many people enduring treatments like yours. My Aunty just started radio therapy, so for me it was very enlightening to know what she was going to be facing. The reality of it is humbling. Thanks for being so open.
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