Tuesday, July 12, 2005

thank God for spare computers, and the Mac; dh is away for five nights and of course the PC has somewhat carked it. don't know if I can get at the network from here, but I can blog...

so it's decided; I will do a day of work, but from home spread over a couple of days. so I will end up doing more than a days' work, I guess. I will also be paid less than I was for doing less work freelancing. c'est la vie. speaking of which, is it a good idea to add French lessons to my busy schedule? thought not. I just have this hankering after Monet's garden. and maybe walking the streets of Paris with my bubaloo. s'pose I'd have to take the husband too. might check out Craig's List for apartments.

meanwhile, I have radio in one hour fifteen and work to do. the great advantage of working from home: on the Internet, no one knows you're in your dressinggown.

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