Tuesday, July 12, 2005

vent dept: have just received email from f-i-l stating they have made a lunch booking for 12:30 Sunday.

hell no. 12:30 sunday sucks. dh gets back from overseas on Saturday morning and will be wrecked from his overnight flight, so Saturday I'll be doing childcare. and on Sunday they expect me to go to lunch in my, and my baby's, naptime? without so much as an inquiry as to when I'd like to see them, when might work for the radiotherapy-exhausted mother? and I know what these meals involve. they are formal and slow. and guess who gets the job of jollying the baby along?

I'll do brunch. I'll do early dinner. but I will simply not do lunch at 12.30. what a ludicrous idea. sometimes I wonder if his parents realise we've had a baby, and that maybe it makes life easier for us if we consider said baby's needs? I had hoped to be let off long formal meals for a year or two after A. was born. they just don't seem to realise.

of course I won't be going. we'll probably change the time, as I've gently put my objection (ie, it's A's nap time) but meanwhile it's a source of stress to me, and dh isn't around to speak to them. and I've had to spend time emailing fil back, plus dh, plus, of course, a vent. hopefully writing this will make me feel better and I'll actually sleep now. grrrrrr....

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