Tuesday, August 30, 2005

about to take A. down to childcare so I can work; not planning to work very hard this week, after last week when it all spilled into the next day. will find something to do for next week, though.

I did it; I paid too much for Wiggles tix on eBay. but now I can't get a response from the seller, who is something of an eBay newbie. I haven't put the payment through yet; am sending increasingly annoyed emails to the seller and if I have to, will just cancel the whole thing.

meantime, have my radio oncologist checkup this afternoon. he'll just want to look at my skin, but I want him to check my neck and jawline, where I have had some odd little twinges and imagine I can feel lumps. it really is getting to be difficult, living with the second-to-second threat of sudden death. trying to be normal, always with the knowledge that it could be turned upside down and snatched away in a second.

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