Tuesday, August 09, 2005

bummer. my blood test results show that my levels of SSH, LH and estradiol (sp?) are all thoroughly pre-menopausal. so this afternoon I have to go and get a $340 prescription filled and get Zoladex injected into me. that would be chemical castration, in a sense. so while I've tolerated the Tamoxifen fairly well, this might be the real deal coming up, menopause-wise.

meanwhile, I'm not sleeping well due to the horrid radiation burn across my chest and under my arm - you don't want the details - I'm supposed to be working this morning, and I have a sick rabbit in my bathroom that I'm supposed to medicate every two hours with eyedrops. I volunteered for that so my friend wouldn't have to stay home from work to look after it. I need my brain to work, but I don't want to chugalug caffeine; I also need that afternoon nap. yawn.

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