Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I think I've finally secured my Wiggles tickets. kind of looking forward to it, though it will be me and several thousand other Mums all trying for the best parking spot. maybe we'll take the pushbike...

visited someone with a new baby today, and managed not to feel too jealous, despite her perfect toddler/good baby combination. waiting, waiting.

dr claims aches and lumps in neck are imaginary. am obliged to believe him, until the next visit. dropped my Zoladex scrip off at the chemist this afternoon, and they phoned to be sure I understood this stuff costs $360 a pop. I know, I said, my dr says I need it and the government says I don't. I'm going with the dr.

oh-oh. child approaching. he believes the Wiggles live inside the PC and wants to get up on my knee and look for them. must go.

oof! that is a huge relief about the aches and lumps. although i'm not sure you're convinced enough to be relieved.

i hope he has fun at the wiggles!
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