Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I was prepared for the drudgery and the exhaustion - but I wasn't prepared for the simple, pure joy of it.

the grrl is finally let in on the secret. aaah.

meanwhile, my dh is ill and restless, leading to a rotten night's sleep for me, followed by a day when I have to WORK. oh, and see my oncologist for a prescription to stop my periods, and to ask him about this funny little lump I think I can feel in my neck. which is probably nothing. probably.

how odd, my sister also recently found a lump in her neck. hers turned out to be nothing. as always, am hoping the same for you.
I've decided it's nothing. Unfortunately my super powers are only pretend.

Still, I've been known to be right before. Here's hoping it's not anything at all.
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