Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I'm sorry, but I have to blog this - scatalogical subject matter alert, surf away now!

today, August 31, at not even 22 months old, my son did a poopy in the potty. Not by accident, either. he's been telling us when he has one in his nappy for a couple of weeks, and sometimes when he's doing one. so today I had the potty out, letting him sit on it fully clothed. he seemed to know what it was for. after his bath, he said "poopy", so I thought right, let's try it. He sat on the potty in various ways - I kept making sure he was aimed right - then tada! - it happened. followed by much praise etc from me and a report to Daddy who came home soon afterwards. I know toilet training is a long road and I have no fantasies of giving up nappies for at least 6-7 months, probably a year. but it's a start, innit?

if you don't have kids, you will find this post mindnumbingly boring and wonder what I'm on about. If you've ever been solely responsible for a nappy-covered bum, you'll rejoice with me.

Some kids are just super easy to potty train. Maybe you hit the jackpot with yours. My brother was just over two and my mom said here's the potty, this is what you do in it, and let him run around naked for a couple days. He never had an accident unless he had a fever. My mom kept him in diapers at night for a few months more, then she decided just to put him in panties at night and see what happened and he was fine. He was totally in underwear by 2.5 years old.
It's a HUGE deal. Congratulations!!! Very advanced boy you have there, and yay for you having the end of dirty diapers in sight. I am, to be honest, horribly jealous. But you deserve this.
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