Friday, August 26, 2005

it's not nice to take amusement at other people's heartfelt revelations. but something about this image makes me go "what!". in one sense I'm a little wistful when I look at their family album - look! another year, another baby!. but the end result is mindboggling.

I think what gets to me is the way they're all dressed the same, from little baby Duggar to the oldest. and the way the girls' hair is all done like their mother's. no doubt about genetic relatedness in that family; it would be like being a twin, only 14-fold. how would you ever separate yourself from your mini-them status?

Quiverfullers scare me. Badly. Well, I mean all fundamental xians scare me, but these ones take it to the extreme. "We trust the Lord in everything else, so we will trust Him in family size too". Odd how biology -- err, sorry, God -- seems to want most qf'ers to have 10+ children. You'd think God would be aware of the overpopulation issue. Or maybe it's only an issue when the children being born aren't white and Christian.

I grew up in a fundie xian home with views not unlike the Duggars (though thank goodness my dad and stepmom didn't reproduce), and I think my husband thought I exaggerated until he saw the show (there's a documentary about them in the States)... Oh, the horror in his eyes.
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