Wednesday, August 17, 2005

last night about an hour after he went to bed, he started to cry. normally if I go in and give him a cuddle, he'll collapse back into the cot and sleep. but last night it wasn't going to be that easy; he was all sweaty and just oozing tears. so I got him up and brought him to the lounge, and he eventually settled, curled up against me with dh on the other side of him. and I talked to dh in a normal voice to let him (A) know everything was fine. eventually his little eyes started to close and I carried all 12 kg of him back to bed. and you know what? I enjoyed it. I loved that he responds so warmly to my presence, that I felt I knew what to do, that I could be there to be his mummy.

if he ever wakes up from this late afternoon nap, we're going to rush over to the zoo to see the monkeys. because I promised, and because for the first time in seven weeks, I don't have to go and get irradiated.

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