Wednesday, August 24, 2005

oh, you think you're having a bad day? I have PMT and symptoms of menopause. yes, at the same time. so shut up.

it's all I can do to restrain myself from entering into a bidding war for front-row Wiggles tickets at six times the cover price. the show is four months away, and it's sold out. I could buy seats on the side to another show. but I want my little boy to be able to see his idols. as does every other Mum with a few bucks in the bank, it seems.

more chocolate.

Good grief, woman! I hope you catch a break soon.

Er, the hormonal thing, I mean. I'm not quite as torn up about the Wiggles. ;)
chocolate makes everything feel better. indulge.

I've never commented before and I probably shouldn't interfere but I'll take a chance anyway. I was watching Good Morning America this a.m. and they had a segment about breast cancer survivors and IVF. Apparently, there is a protocol that incorporates use of FSH along with Femara (letrozone) that allows for ovulation without dramatically increasing estrogen. I know a bit about IVF but not much about breast cancer treatment so I'm not sure what sort of women are appropriate candidates for this procedure. However, the woman they profiled (only the second in the USA to have a baby this way, I believe) was able to conceive only a year after finishing treatment. Her IVF doctor was Dr. Oktay from the Fertility Preservation Center at Cornell. Obviously you wouldn't want to travel all the way here just for IVF but maybe your local RE could replicate the protocol and you wouldn't have to wait as long for Baby #2.

I apologize in advance if I have overstepped my bounds.

Take care and good luck with the Wiggles tickets. It's crazy what we do to see our kid's eyes light up.
hello anonymous. gee, you get around, don't you? seems like every third post on the web is by anon. these days.
thanks for commenting; you probably don't know my full history. I'm lucky enough, if you can call it that, to have eight embryos in the freezer. otherwise there would be no question of me ever trying for #2 at all. even with a new whizbang protocol (and I wouldn't rule out travel to get baby #2, though dh might), I wouldn't risk ovulation again. the doctors would happily whip my ovaries out if I'd let them.
pregnancy, on the other hand, is a possibility, with the jury out on exactly how dangerous it is post-cancer. I've got to wait at least two years - that's the peak time for recurrences (yes, the I-might-die thing) - and the minimum treatment period for tamoxifen. ideally I'd stay on it for five, but I can't be on tamoxifen and pregnant at the same time. And I'm 39.
but thanks for commenting; I don't mind at all. the last anon-comment I got was a spam for a lonely hearts comment, so at least you're on topic!
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