Thursday, August 04, 2005

re: the lump. it was an enlarged submandibular gland, nothing to worry about. what is a real pain in the neck is that the medication to stop my periods costs about $80 a WEEK. and no, insurance/government safety nets don't cover it unless my cancer is "advanced". which it ain't, but could become so if I couldn't afford the meds. which I can. or at least dh can, though it won't be good for our mortgage. went off for another blood test yesterday and spent an hour in a waiting room for a final check on my hormone levels. the meds will be a monthly shot, or a three-monthly insert under my skin. seems I still have to feel the full fx of menopause.

submandibular, for those of you who know your Latin, means "under the jaw". like, a gland in the neck, only in Latin. ah doctor talk. you've gotta love it.

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