Friday, August 26, 2005

why am I not posting much? because I'm writing a novel. to a deadline. a three-week deadline. and stalking Wiggles tickets on eBay. and doing one day a week of work, which is more than it sounds. and trying to get enough sleep (while being woken at 5.30am, two seconds after the first birdcall, by my precious darling son). and going to the zoo to see the monkeys. and wondering what to wear to my Big Night Out tonight (childcare fundraiser AND literary magazine launch). and hating next door's barking dog. and baking food for the fundraiser. and hanging out washing. and wondering if dh will ever get his shit together when it comes to booking his holidays so we can go to France. and wondering how to make a monkey-shaped birthday cake, and if it's morally OK to pay 3 times the going rate for said Wiggles tickets. and a few other things besides.

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