Friday, August 12, 2005

you don't get much of a social life when you have kids; unless you're fabulously wealthy and can employ a fulltime nanny.

so when I decided I'd really like to see this play that's closing at the weekend, it was a stretch to find a sitter. there were still tickets available, but only for Saturday. so I asked dh to ring his sister and see if she'd sit. it took him half a day to make the call, then another half a day for her to make up her mind. the tickets were gone.

since then I've spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get even one ticket to this show. this afternoon I logged on to the ticket site and scored: row b, seat 26, for tonight. so I bought it. at that point there was only one ticket available. then, suddently, the seat next to mine came free. I had five minutes to buy it. rang dh, but he couldn't reach sil. so we gave up.

then stupidly I thought I'd check Saturday again. and now there are two seats available; way back in the theatre but together. but I've already paid for tonight's. and in a way I feel guilty for, I think I'd like the near-front-row seat, even by myself. so we'll spend Saturday night in front of Doctor Who again. ah well. I'm not sure how I feel about getting sil to sit anway; not that I don't trust her, but ever since the birth debacle I've wanted emotional distance from her, and taking favours from her won't help.

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