Wednesday, September 07, 2005

no, this is just silly. dh and I are going to Paris, right? we decided to do it. then fil offers to pay our fares. awfully, awfully nice of him. the itinerary comes through: he's buying (hasn't paid for yet) THREE seats. not only that, they're in BUSINESS class. the rack rate is $10,000 a ticket for that. I don't care if they can afford it or not, I just don't feel right about it. dh will want to keep the business class bit and dump the extra seat; I think I'd be happier going economy, but taking the third seat for A. dh is trying to sleep right now and I should be in bed too. politically, this is a hot potato. how do you say: "I just can't accept this ott gift from you?" it seems out of place, too, when we're subletting an apt on the fifth floor, no stairs elevator!, to save $$ when we're there, to be flying in luxury.

Dear Baby,
Trust me, please take the incredibly generous offer of business class seats up -- cancel the one for Baby A., but take them take them. You should know what a difference business class makes on long haul flights. It will make your whole vacation so much nicer and you'll actually look forward to the flight home.
a well-wisher
Take em-business class- and DON'T cancel the extra.

I have flown with babies and toddlers before. You can thank me later.
who knows what we're going to do. FIL has been made aware of our complete willingness to take cheap seats and doesn't care about cost, apparently.

and believe me, I know about business vs economy; did a lot of free business flights from Australia to the US and Europe during the dotcom boom, have flown myself on the same routes economy, and have gone back and forth to Hong Kong with the baby in both classes. even scored a first class upgrade years ago coming from LA to Sydney: bliss. I know what I'd be letting myself in for, it's just SUCH a lot of money to spend on a couple of days' comfort. and give the choice between being in a business seat with a baby on my lap (a 12 kg toddler, rather) and in economy if I could be sure of four seats together to lie down flat on, or at least give the baby his own space, I'd take the economy seats any time, having done both. so it's business with baby in his own seat or back to economy. too tired to decide right now...
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