Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I should be working - have yet to knock off my last pathetic little assignment - so the wiggles report will be short.

I decided to ride my bike, towing A. in the trailer, so woke him at 8.45 from his nap (last night was an ugly night sleepwise, but that's another story). we got there at 9.35 for the 10:00 show, took our seats at 9.50. they started late, at around 10.25. but all was forgiven the minute they actually came on stage (with Sam instead of Greg, sadly). A simply couldn't believe his eyes. he pointed and waved and his eyes goggled out of his head. for most of the show he danced and bounced; he got a bit tired at one point but held up really well.

coming home he fell asleep in the trailer, then woke and sooked while I sweated in the midday sun - so much for environmentally friendly transport methods. overall though, well worth it.

still, I'm not as much of a "Wiggles tragic" as this woman's friend: she bought tickets to morning and afternoon shows in Sydney for several days running. can you imagine doing that? nice that they're selling them at cost, which reflects that these are, after all, kids' shows.

Oh that's so exciting that he was able to go and enjoy the show. I must admit that Magdalena has no clue who the Wiggles are and I sorta like it that way. ;) She's an Elmo girl, but I doubt we'll see him up close and personal anytime soon.

That's crazy to buy multiple tickets for several days in a row. Weren't they selling videos of the show in the lobby? Surely she could just buy one of those for the same show, but cheaper.
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