Tuesday, December 06, 2005

ova girl is pregnant: beta 490. my guess is one emby, but who knows; we'll just have to wait for the next thrilling instalment.

I love this stuff when it works...

I'm always surprised at the genuine happiness I feel for total strangers. I think just following their stories for so long, you can't help but feel some affection. Ova Girl is so wonderful! I am thrilled for her! I remember feeling the same way when "YOU" fell pregnant! It was really exciting. You couldn't work out how to type "I'm Pregnant" in bold red letters, remember?
ooh yeah. still haven't looked that up on the html cheat sheets. it's on the to-do list, though.

the thing about Ova Girl and Chez Miscarriage is that they write well thought out, coherent, structured posts. I just ramble. so I'm looking forward to her observations of life as a pg lady.
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