Friday, December 16, 2005

should be working - this is the last time I can say that, although in the future I'll say "should be studying".

it's been a busy coupla days; first the Wiggles, then yesterday the one-hour trek through peak hour traffic to Brighton to see the plastic surgeon.

which was, in the end, an anticlimax. I wanted her to say "this is what we'll do, and when". instead, I have an appointment to see the dr who helps her with one of the options that we have open. basically, I can have an implant (easier, less real looking, may need replacing, may not be an option due to radiotherapy damage), some muscle and skin taken from my back (more realistic, longer recovery, may further reduce my use of my right arm) or some muscle and fat taken from my stomach (scar on stomach, new patch of skin, which may be a good or a bad thing, fake breast may change in size if I gain/lose weight as it still thinks it's stomach fat, may compromise my stomach muscles in future pregnancy, huge SIX HOUR operation to move all that stuff from A to B.)

so with all those options open, it looks unlikely I'll have completed surgery by the end of May for my 40th. bummer. even if we started now, the implant process takes several months, plus at some stage they have to construct a nipple. the upside is that I saw photos of her work and was impressed with how real most of the breasts looked. she's talking to my radiotherapist; if he gives the OK, I think I might just go for the implant - less chopping up of the rest of my body appeals somewhat right now.

at least I got out of there on time and had a chance to eat lunch and read an essay in a St Kilda cafe - so rare these days.

and in the afternoon, we had mother's group and the childcare centre xmas party, where A had his face painted like a tiger and got his first present from a real live Santa.

with all that in a day, I can't understand why I still don't sleep well at night.

Hope A enjoyed the Wiggles. Catherine (2.5) sat through with a frown of fierce concentration. Have a great Xmas.
Izabela from Melb.
committing it all to memory, no doubt. when she's seven, she'll still be saying "remember the reindeer Santa had a the Wiggles?", long after you've forgotten
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