Friday, December 02, 2005

the Victorian Law Reform Commission's position paper on gestational surrogacy is out. you can find it at

I haven't hyperlinked that because I am quite happy keeping this blog and my submissions to the LRC separate. cut and paste if you want to go there.

currently watching the clock count down to the execution of Van Nguyen in Singapore. sympathising both ways: with the knowledge of death coming (though my situation really doesn't compare) and with his poor, poor mother. and ashamed that apparently nearly half of all Australians think it's a fair thing to hang a young man by the neck until he's dead. yes I abhor heroin - I took softer drugs when I was young, and I'm very clear on what heroin can do - but murder of drug mules isn't a solution.

Hmm...I could barely look at the clock this morning knowing he was being executed.
It's not a fair punishment at all.
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