Thursday, December 08, 2005

A was unhappy about something today. I think I'd said no to him about suffocating our new fish or something like that. anyway, he was screaming and objecting to having his nappy changed. Suddenly, I saw a necklace of red glass beads on the counter. I held them over his head. He looked. I waved them to and fro. He reached. I draped them over him. He stopped screaming. Then I said "They're red, like Murray wears, aren't they?" He said "Murray? Murray?". From then on, it was just a matter of saying "Murray, Wiggles, do you want to wear your red T-shirt like Murray does? where's your guitar? Wiggles, Murray", and he was putty in my hands.

this kid is SERIOUSLY obsessed.

speaking of wiggles, I find it suspicious that there are no Jeff figurines in the wiggles shop; is it like the secret messages about Paul being dead?

and speaking of the beatles, am wearing my "I love New York" T-shirt today. because it's the 8th of december.

and speaking of the 8th of December, this will also be remembered as: the day someone went into labour at mothers' group, left at 4.30 and had her baby by 6.30. And remembered by me as the day I got sacked from my job, to the tune of $46,000. It's a lot of money, but in reality it will just reduce the mortgage on my country place and now I have no visible means of support. I thought I'd be cool with it, but it's kind of weird to be leaving the paper, even with such a part-time job as I had. tomorrow I got to uni for my interview for my honours year. the writing thing suddently seems amorphous and fanciful and what the hell am I doing? ah well, it's done. and in two years I can always go back to work, tail between my legs and beg for a job cleaning the toilets or something. Will probably need to find something to earn money - apart from ramping up the rental of the holidya place to pay for it - just to maintain my self-respect and feelings of independence from dh. silly really; he has plenty of money, which means so do I, and my earnings were hardly covering my medical costs. but it's the principle.

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