Thursday, January 19, 2006

If there's one thing I'm learning in all this, it's the reality of embodiment;: that a physical being, grown from bits of my body, can be as wonderful in spirit as a child; that if my body fails me, I will end (and don't give me any God stuff); that fear lives in the gut; and most of all that love lives in the throat, because that's where I feel it when I look at him and think about how lucky I am to be his mother.

(also that I should save posts more often; before you get all mushy about my golden love-filled life, know that as I started to type "mother", my computer froze, A fell over and started to scream, I lost the whole post and had to copy it down by hand. so another lesson: learning to touch-type was one of the best things I ever did.)

Reality Check!
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