Wednesday, January 25, 2006

quick second opinion plastic surgeon report: what a bizarre experience it is, too, to be sitting on a doctor's bench while he sits in a chair with his eyes about level with one's (half-naked) bellybutton and discusses what to do.

basically, he thinks we might have a chance with an insert, despite the irradiated state of my skin. possible, even, that we could just pop one in without pre-stretching. but there could be complications, then we'd have to go all the way to the various "flap" options, all of which are a lot more surgery, longer recovery time, etc.

he warned me that they couldn't get the natural droop of the breast to match the left side, especially on the top half. I said that was OK, as long as it would plump up the same way in a bra. what's not OK, in my opinion, is the possibility that an implant-only (ie, no new skin imported) solution could mean no nipple reconstruction. the thought of a blind breast-shaped lump of plastic flesh kind of offends me a lot more than the same thing with a "nipple" on it. (oh, but they can make me a little prosthetic nipple that I can attach with glue for "certain special occasions" whatever they are)

and near the end of the consultation he took a long call in which he discussed how to reconnect the nerves in a patient's hand. did you know they use Superglue to attach the electrodes to the head? and use wave form readings to check if they've got it right? fascinating but time consuming eavesdropping.

meanwhile, my car's broken down (no, actually the battery's flat because I let A play in it and he turned the interior lights on) and I'm catching taxis everywhere, and it's hot and my GP was running late so I came home, but I can't do the other errands while A's in childcare because I have no car and it's too hot to ride my bike. hooray for Internet timewasting.

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