Tuesday, February 14, 2006

spent yesterday with the parents - mine - A. played with his Pop all day while my Mum and I mucked around with family tree stuff. I don't know who enjoys it more, A or my Dad - they have such a ball together.

Sunday was our street party, where A. met a 2-year-old from down the road who's also in his childcare centre, and I met his mother, who seems like a worth-knowing person. also in attendance was annoying across-the-street-self-obsessed neighbour, who is of course pregnant with #2. she was talking about their 18-month-old's new childcare centre, which is next to an electricity substation, and how they were OK with the way the risk was being handled. this is the person who, on hearing where I'd put my son for the first time that day, expressed the opinion that the centre had been, in the past, a deathtrap. tact on legs, that one.

not getting much useful stuff done; maybe when uni starts I'll be motivated again. meanwhile, genealogy is keeping me busy. have got back to 1761 on one branch, and found that my family almost all came here about 150 years ago. which is nothing, in these PC days, to be proud of, of course. but I kind of like it. my favourite ancestor is a tossup between one "born at sea" off South Australia, and a girl who was born in New Zealand and married in Australia at 16.5 years old under the care of a guardian - who knows where her parents had got to - and was described as a "Lady" on her certificate of marriage. there must be a story there, but it's probably lost forever.

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