Tuesday, February 21, 2006

there's nothing like your oncologist giving you a (temporary) all-clear to brighten up your day, I must say. bloods fine, various glands etc felt and dismissed as NAD (no abnormality detected).

not so great was the news that even if my cancer is HER2 positive - and the original results were ambiguous - I'd have needed to start Herceptin straight after chemo to get the benefit of it (up to 50 per cent reduction in recurrences, though final life-saving figures are still coming in) - and of course it's 8-9 months since I finished. I've asked for the special ($300) test that will determine my status for sure anyway. the best result would be a negative anyway - then Herceptin would be of no use to me, because I'd have had a less aggressive form.

did I mention that on February 15, A counted to five for the first time? and that I've ordered him a new bed and a whole lot of Wiggles bedding? it will take a month to arrive. I can't wait. he's really growing up.

Congrats on the all-clear (temporary or not). I'm still trying to chase down a new GP and oncologist (I'm actually a bit overdue for blood work now) and I know I will be feeling bright and chipper when I get another all-clear from my newest medical professional. (I am assuming an all-clear will be in place since I prefer not to think of the alternatives).
yes, it's a kind of clear patch of relief and hope after each checkup; I'm hoping the clear patches will get longer and the anxious buildups shorter and fewer.

I hope you didn't need a new oncologist because your old one was no good; it's hard enough without dr problems.
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