Tuesday, March 07, 2006

in the night, he cries. I go to him; he's standing up in his cot. he grabs me around the waist and gives me a hug. his little hands flap back and forth on my hips, like the flippers on a pinball machine.

spelling things out: yes, we've got to that stage. it's either spell things out, or use outrageous euphimisms. so Bob the Builder, when we don't want him to suddenly demand the TV on, is B-O-B the constructions specialist.

what I like about him: he's kind. he will give another little kid a hug or a kiss if they're upset. he's (sometimes) willing to share his toys.

the morning naps are gone forever. it's a terrible thing for my writing and any non-baby activities. can't think how it will be when he drops the afternoon nap. I don't think I'll let him do that until he's at school.

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