Saturday, March 11, 2006

interesting development department: SIL, DH's sister, recently broken up with her girlfriend, is apparently thinking of having a child. not being - nor wanting to be - particularly intimate with her, I have no further details. I don't know how she plans to achieve this, if she is planning to be a single mother, etc etc.

it would certainly, to put it in the kindest possible terms, be a hell of a learning curve for her to be responsible for a child alone. she's a talented artist, but from what I can see is wasting masses of time and not focussing on how to get the most of out of her opportunities to do her art. I've never thought of her as the kind of person who's well organised and reliable; but I know that having kids changes people, and changes them fast.

tomorrow I get a day off: it's going to be hot, so I'm leaving dh at home with A while I go up to the country place to clean it, do a bit of a check, contemplate the cost of re-roofing it, that kind of thing. and yes, I'll also listen to music in the car that's not the Wiggles, eat lunch in a restaurant and actually finish an article, and quite probably do a bit of uni/other reading and even some writing without having one ear cocked for the inevitable cry of "mummy" from the other room.

it's amazing what passes for a holiday these days.

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