Thursday, March 30, 2006

question for Freud: is it possible to be anal retentive before you're even potty trained? I gave A. a pile of five cent pieces (dimes to you yanks) today, and he would not give them back; he kept offering one, then pulling it back from my open palm.

TV power: dressing A. in front of Playschool has its benefits. He says "no trousies". I turn the TV off. He says "yes trousies" and the TV goes back on.

and useful information if you have breast cancer in remission and no lymph nodes: in this situation, even a small cut, quickly disinfected, can cause what's left of your immune system to create a small, hard lump in the relevant armpit weeks later that will freak you out. still, I'd rather have that unlikely explanation from my GP than the ultrasound referral I was sure she was going to give me.

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