Saturday, April 29, 2006

current activities: talking to dh (in sydney) on the phone. watching various kitchen fittings, water pumps and paintings on eBay. watching my shares not going up enough to pay for said eBay objects of desire. buying VERY expensive painting by an artist I've always loved, over the phone. wondering how to justify said purchase to husband. dreading yet eagerly awaiting the onslaught of tradesmen into my nice quiet house for the (finally! about bloody time!) installation of central heating next week. trying to get together an Australia Council grant application (why not? other people get money to write). letting my Mum come down to "help" and being tired out by the way she talks nonstop at me. feeling guilty for letting her leave when I needed to nap, she'd driven all that way. organising my party. wondering what my semi-breast will look like when the bandages come off. showing A. how I cook things. teaching him to go back to bed at 5 am (this morning he woke me, I said "what time is it?" and he said "four" -nearly right!). watching SuperNanny on TV and being truly horrified. trying to keep up the merest contact with my friends. having late-night conversations with down-and-out and slightly drunk old friend who insists on telling me how much he always fancied me (as I did him, but it's not so helpful to talk about it now, we both had partners then, mine his best friend, btw. explaining to said old friend why I can't have phone sex with him (yes, it does count as infidelity, which is why I haven't quite forgiven dh for his net porn phase). trying to make my uni assignment really, really good. wondering what to wear at my 40th drinks. fretting about roofing, fencing, general decay at my place in the country. wondering if it's feasible to live up there for a term one year when A's at school (the town has a school, nothing else, and I mean no thing.) wondering how that would work if there was ever a baby #2. feeling bad about a friend who had a mc and didn't tell me until afterwards. overdoing it by riding into uni on Friday and getting a sore chest. checking my shares again and freaking out about what happens if the market crashes. wondering how to buy US dollars while the ozzie dollar is high. dreaming of New York. wishing A. had slept for another 20 minutes this afternoon so I'd be writing now instead of randomly blogging. planning the novel I'll write if the Australia Council gives me $10,000. looking at the spot on the wall where my expensive painting will go and not being at all sorry I've bought it. planning Sunday dinner for friends when dh is home. wondering if dh will like his birthday present. accidentally listening to the Wiggles for five minutes in the car after dropping A. off....

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