Friday, April 14, 2006

men. aargh! It's Good Friday, hence no childcare. next week I go into hospital, followed by a week with a public holiday on the Tuesday (no childcare) and dh being away for several days, including part of a weekend. so things will be busy.

I have: a uni presentation to do. A uni assignment to redraft. a long theoretical piece to read. a story I'm halfway through. I get anxious when I have too much to do and no prospect of getting it done. if I don't write, I get grumpy; I"m addicted, as I am to exercise.

so I ask dh to take A. out for one fucking hour while I get some stuff done. and he sighs and takes his time and generally makes it clear what a problem this is. to the point where now he's finally gone, I'm upset and blogging about it to get my head clear, instead of working on my writing. 45 minutes left...

That's why we refer to them as "DH" dear husband is a dick head! Sorry for being offensive.
It's Good Friday...not a happy day.
I hate men.
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