Monday, April 03, 2006

Saturday morning the new bed arrived; two men put it together while A. watched from the door. he loves it; insisted on napping on it that afternoon, but couldn't sleep in it that night because we had a sitter and I wanted to be the one to put him in it for the first time. it's all decked out with Wiggles quilt covers etc, and he slept in until 8.30 (according to summertime) this morning.

so I've taken the sheets off the cot and will clean it down shortly; then I guess it goes up into the roof. how sad is that; my little boy really is growing up.

he still likes cuddles, though, and I'm getting as many as I can while I can.

he's into imaginative play; this morning I was the baby while he changed my nappy, brought me a dummy etc.

have been reading newspaper articles about big childcare centres and their failings; we have been so lucky with the little community centre down the road. I can't imagine leaving him in a substandard centre, knowing he was unhappy or at risk. it's wrong that people have to do it.

other readings: in the US, commercial breastmilk sales are appearing. at first I thought "how weird": then I remembered how upper class women used to send their babies off to wetnurses for the first year. the more things change...

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