Monday, May 22, 2006

by Friday night it was clear I needed to get the little tear on my wound looked at. so I rang the hospital, they rang the dr, and on Saturday I went down there. this morning she stitched it up again in the mini-theatre at the practice, complete with surgical masks and overhead lamp. and the countdown begins again: no swimming, bike riding or lifting of ANYTHING with my right arm for four weeks. you'd have to know me and how much I love being active and how I need those swims and rides to keep me sane, to understand how depressing this is. I can't rearrange the house. I can't even let my son go up on the high playground equipment, because I can't catch him. I'm on antibiotics again, so theoretically I shouldn't be drinking on Friday night - my big birthday drinks night - but I think I'll be Bad and not take the drugs that day. not that I fit into any of my pretty dresses anyway; instead of six weeks of fitness and health, I've had six weeks of blobbing, and more to come. oh, and when she took a little fluid out of the expando-thing to ease the pressure? it hurt like someone had plunged a sharp needle into my right breast. which is exactly what it was. ouch.

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