Saturday, May 13, 2006

I see from my logs that a lot of people are coming here because I'm the first blog listed on cancerbaby's site. I have one thing to say to you: do your checks. get in there and give those breasts a good old feeling-up every single month when your period's finished. and if you feel something odd, go see a doctor the very next day. it's probably nothing. but it might not be. this shit does happen, it does happen to people like you - it happened to her, it happened to me - and no matter how much the idea scares you, that fear is nothing compared to the regret of a later-than-necessary diagnosis. cancer sucks, but the earlier it's caught, the less likely it is it will have to fuck up your life.

(don't usually do public service announcements, but I feel a need to Do Something in my sadness.)

oh, you don't have breasts? well, you probably love someone who does. pass it on.

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