Friday, May 05, 2006

I've confirmed my belief that sleep - mostly for the child but partly for the mother - is the most important factor after enough food and an absence of violence in bringing up nice kids.

we had the heating installed (at last) over the past two days. so I took A. out for long walks in the pram/gratuitous shopping trips to get him to sleep in the car. but of course that put his sleeps at odd times, in odd positions - he would fall asleep in the morning then not be able to nap in the afternoon - and by the end of day two he was horrid: hitting me and laughing, refusing to say "sorry" for naughty behaviour, to the point where I was so exhausted with it all (no naps for me and still getting the use of my arm back, remember) that a shop owner at the market had to tell him (gently) to stop pulling the beads on display, because he wouldn't stop for me. which made him go all quiet and cowed. for which I thanked her.

I'm quite confident that a couple of days of good naps will have him back to the sweet and generally cooperative boy he really is, and that the usual threats - being put "out" (in the hall) for a minute, having a drink or toy taken away - will start to work again. but for now, all I can say is: Friday. Child care day. HOORAY!

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