Saturday, May 13, 2006

just another Saturday; spent the day visiting with friends, cleaning out the garage, watching a Pink interview we taped the other night, eating pasta, playing with my gorgeous son, now officially 2 1/2.

and then I went onto my blog and a comment told me that Cancerbaby - Jessica - has died. and I don't want to know, but I know. that for all the survivor bravado and whatever-does-not-kill-me-makes-me-stronger, cancer does kill people. cancer sucks.

back in May 05 she wrote about NED. NED has a brother, NAD: no abnormalities detected, pronounced En-A-Dee. I last saw NAD at my oncologist's checkup in February; I pray I'll see him again when I see the breast surgeon next month, and that I can keep on obsessing about annoying neighbours, the shape of my reconstruction and the plot of my novel. anything but what Jessica had to face.

go sweetly, sister.

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