Friday, May 26, 2006

yes I'm still feeling sorry for myself - fat, unproductive, incapacitated and nearly 40 - but yesterday the guy who carried my vegies to the car for me told me about his daughter, who is 3 and has had cancer since six months. it's not curable. I already knew there was one thing worse than having this myself, and that's it.

and as I was dragging my screaming son into the car, angry about the damage I was no doubt doing to my wound, I chatted to the woman at the car next to me; her kids were a year or two older. twins. and I imagined dealing with two of the going off like he's doing at the moment, in the state I'm in. again, it could be worse. but life just doesn't feel right at the moment.

so instead of spending my morning working on my writing, I'm off to buy a New Dress. it's bad enough being fat, without having to have nothing to wear as well.

I bet you look beautiful!

Im sorry you are having a hard time. Post surgery is always emotive and difficult.. just keep spoiling yourself.
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