Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I've worked out what it is I don't like about my hair at this length (dark, slightly curly, forming a substantial cap down to the nape of my neck). If it comes down across my cheeks and forehead, which it does when it's been washed and not held up with "product", it makes me look like Kathleen Folbigg or Myra Hindley; what they had in common was short, face-concealing haircuts and murder of children.

current procrastination: unpacking the boxes that came from storage and filing all my books and photos (as far as I can with my arm only slowly recovering). laughing at the outfits I went out in public in. I should really call them costumes: lots of red lace and interesting jackets and retro-style op shop dresses with ironic 1930s jewellery. I guess I wanted to be different. I certainly was that.

current anxiety: the vague stiffness in my neck and the difficulty of telling tense tendons from inflamed lymph glands. breast surgeon checkup next Thursday can't come quickly enough.

A is: a master with the mouse on the Wiggles website. very keen on putting out his own breakfast. a wonderful giver of hugs (on request). cute as a button.

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