Saturday, July 29, 2006

haven't blogged for a while; although my arm improved after physio and a few unauthorised swims, the "inflation" process is proving quite painful (waking me up at night etc), so I'm in a bit of a daze and don't have much nice to say anyway.

plus uni is back - spent yesterday in a long seminar - so I should be trying to study/write. plus the seminar yesterday showed me how I could access databases of scientific papers, so of course I'm reading about bc and pregnancy and subsequent risk. came across one paper that said that expectations were a strong predictor of nausea - maybe I didn't throw up more than that one time because I believed the pills would work, and because my morning sickness didn't make me throw up either. also, I don't get carsick and only slightly seasick (planes bother me, but only landings; it's the pressure).

anyway: A is still waking at night, but it's so cute; he takes my hand and leads me back to his bed so I can tuck him in. he still wears a sleeping bag (with legs) so it's like being woken at 2am by a Teletubby. well, maybe not so cute.

he won't let me sing or dance: "not your song, Mummy." he is often a tiger or a dinosaur. he says "all right!" when I ask if he wants to do something. he likes to shop for vegetables, even when they're fluffy toys. he is turning into a little boy.

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