Tuesday, July 11, 2006

idly thinking about taking up a proper job again, partly because staying home, especially partly disabled like I am (wow but the physio HURT yesterday), I am sinking into depression again - lots of tears and feelings of helplessness, nothing out of the ordinary - anyway, I saw an ad for a book editor and thought yes, I could do that. and I could make dh leave his job, which he says he hates, and look after A. I'd earn a third of his income, but there is money in the bank. and it occurred to me that this would be the perfect way to convince him I really need to have another child at the end of next year; become a career girl again and make him pull his weight with the parenting. he'd be begging me to get pg and stay home after three months amusing a small child, doing kinder pickups, mashing potatoes, etc. only flaw in the plan is that he wouldn't do as much housework as I do, thus reducing the blunt impact of the sheer drudgery of being a sahd.

Im so sorry you have been feeling depressed. You have been through such a hard time.

I hope things start picking up.

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