Sunday, August 13, 2006

14 August 2003: three months shy of his third birthday, he told his first lie.

We were in his bedroom, playing "monsters in the dark" (in which Mummy screams and A. is a scary monster). then I read him a book. then, while I was getting his clothes out, he threw a book across the bed. I said "did you throw that book?". He shook his head, no. First I started to say "you did", then I realised what had happened. he had lied. so like any mother I said "don't lie to me", and then made him apologise to the book, which is presumably what the lie was designed to avoid. I'm so proud. his first lie. another step on the road to an understanding of himself as a separate little human, whose view of the world may not be the same as everyone else's.

I should have seen it coming: a few days ago we started to play "true" and "false" - he is only just getting the concept, but once he has it, the lies - transparent baby lies to start with - will no doubt come thick and fast.

surgery report: the little gap in the wound is still letting out a bit of fluid, but it seems to be slowing a bit, and I'm feeling a bit more hopeful that I'll get to keep the expander in. if it does heal up, it'll be MONTHS before I let the surgeon expand the skin; first because I really want to get my life back (swimming, riding, etc, etc) and second because the longer we leave it, the longer the skin has to recover and therefore the better chance it will cope with the next expansion. the "breast" is a slightly funny shape - very hard and rounded at the top instead of droopy - but the main point for me is that little crescent of skin that shows with any but the highest-cut summer shirts. I can live without a nipple for another year.

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