Tuesday, August 29, 2006

how good a mother am I? no, really, how good am I?

even though A woke me FOUR TIMES last night wanting water (a ruse, of course). even though he did this while I was battling a 39 degree temperature (those antibiotics may or may not be working). even though he did this the night before the last day I have to finish a major uni assignment, I still saved his life. how? by attaching a toilet lock (essentially a sticky childproof strap) to the large, heavy timber toychest in his room. while he was bouncing around at whatever-bloody-time-am this morning, I had a horrible vision of him opening the lid, not being able to push it fully upright, and having it fall on his delicate little neck. so today, after bending a key in the old lock so it's stuck there forever (an essential part of the process, I assure you), I got the toilet lock out and stuck it on. now he won't be able to open it. and so it won't fall on him. even though I feel like sh*t after last night's shenanigans.

see? good mother. it's a pretty low baseline these days...

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