Friday, September 01, 2006

@ the market yesterday I was passed by a woman in maybe her early thirties, completely, shinily, bald.

it wasn't shaved, it was just not-there. and of course it would have been intrusive to say anything to her. and one can't assume it was chemo. but I had to admire her all the same. because I know the assumptions people make are not always good ones; the looks I got when my hair was uber-short at the resort in Thailand were not sympathetic. they were disapproving of my "hairstyle".

and I wondered if I ever looked quite as bald as that, and of course I know I did, but then again I didn't, because I never stepped out into the sunshine with not even a scarf on my head.

latest whinge: that the attempts to protect my right arm have led to a kind of jarring of my neck on the left side somehow and I am in some not inconsiderable pain, which is worse when I walk, and utterly prevented sleep of more than half an hour's duration at a time last night. I am getting around the house with a hotpack in a sarong strapped to my neck, like a kind of knotted-up boa constrictor. the tiredness is extreme, and I'm going with it by just lying on A's "tv couch" reading a book.

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