Tuesday, September 12, 2006

not much to report: oncologist today, all seems to be normal; wound is continuing to weep nastily and I have pretty much given up on achieving the desired result. all I want now is the use of my body back, and to be able to swim and ride again. plastic surgeon is back from holidays at the start of October: I'll need to make some hard decisions about what to have done. the last-gasp hope is that I can get this implant reduced and let it heal over; if it did heal, I could then wait until the baby #2 issue had been resolved before having the operation that involves taking muscle from my stomach. sigh. six months of incapacity, and for what? nada.

A. is beetling happily away. using the potty when he feels like it, which isn't often. enjoying finding things that "match the same". teases me when I ask for a kiss. only two months until his third birthday.

My jaw hit the ground when I read that A. will be 3 in 2 months!
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