Sunday, October 01, 2006

I went away overnight on Friday night, which I have to say was bliss: being able to do what I wanted, when I wanted. which turned out to be not much but reading, planting trees, eating and a very small amount of essay-writing. then I got home at 5.15 Saturday and tried to leave again for a dinner party at 7 with dh. predictably, this caused a storm of protest, crying, "I-want-a-cuddle" etc. I tried reading to him and tucking him into bed, but he wasn't fooled. fortunately our sitter was a friend who is good at this kind of thing, and she took him off to apply a Wiggles bandaid to his supposedly hurting tum (yeah, right kid!). still I felt awful, even after I sms-ed my friend and she said he relaxed almost as soon as we left. it's a pity, as he was good at childcare Friday morning: I went in with him in a casual fashion, slowly, not to make him anxious, and then when he got involved in a game, my pace quickened and I was off to Adult Land. it's a pattern you see often at the centre: mosey in, sprint away. once the child is "dropped off" we become speedy cram-it-all-in working parents. and even though I hardly get paid, and my main occupation is study and writing, I consider myself to be "working". Hey, I even sold an article the other day for proper freelance rates. not that I couldn't do more of that; one luxury of my husband working stupid hours is that I can afford to only propose things I want to write.

oh, and the friend who was so good with him? whose little boy is a great playmate? moving interstate at the end of the year. damn, damn, damn!!

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