Tuesday, October 03, 2006

possibly good news: I rang the kinder we'll be sending him to to see if he was still on the list for 08, and they said he's at the top of the list for 3-year-old kinder in 07.

now, I don't want to move him across yet. but I was going to have to put him into childcare three days a week for first semester next year because of a stupid uni timetable change. if I put him into kinder instead, it would just be the morning - I might have to leave uni a bit early to pick him up - and it would be a chance for him to get used to the new place slowly. and it just so happens that the morning they have kinder is the morning I need...

saw the placcy surgeon again yesterday. she says there's still hope (though the tiny hole has been leaking like crazy since yesterday now). she agreed to make the implant smaller, so I'm a bit more comfortable, and there is an option to get it cut out and re-stitched. ouch. we'd do that under a general, which I think I'd prefer. I'm a bit over lying still while people do painful things to me. but meanwhile, it's the same old same old. wait, don't swim, wait.

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