Monday, November 13, 2006

Somewhere out there is a postman who I would like to strangle. The only reason I didn’t do so ten minutes ago is that I was focussed on getting A. back into bed. How, I wonder, is it possible to miss a 3x5 inch BRIGHT ORANGE card with “NO DOORKNOCKERS PEOPLE ASLEEP (posties please leave card)” written on it in big black letters. It was bad enough that the wind woke me up from my nap (after a full weekend of preparation, A’s birthday party and packing up and cleaning I deserved it; then to have A woken, thus destroying my precious half hour of coffee-drinking, Web surfing, blogging and writing, is intolerable. The doorbell rang, the dog barrelled down the hallway, the child came out crying, I informed said postman that he’d ruined my afternoon, grabbed my parcels and somehow got the kid back to sleep. The poor dog is still locked in the front bedroom, and staying there until A wakes up again, because he thumps down the hall and I can’t risk disturbing A again.

The party, anyway, was a success, with lots of happy kids and half-drunk parents, plus a swag of books/tshirts/games for A. We gave him a Lego Bob the Builder kit and he was very careful about putting the trucks together, referring to the instruction sheet to see what they should look like. Amazing that three years ago he was only able to cry and breathe– couldn’t even drink properly yet.

With all these new toys in the house and all the cleaning up to do, we’re spending a rare day entirely at home, sans tv. It’s harder work than I thought; I really am in the habit of Getting Out, and I’m not making much progress on the cleaning, what with all the playing, building, and running around after A that has to be done.

So not enough time to blog: I also have to write something, anything, in the next hour, and keep on with my search for the perfect NY sublet for next year…

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