Friday, December 01, 2006

don't know why I haven't blogged so much lately, maybe it's because he's sleeping less or because I'm forcing myself to work on my uni project and other writing whenever I have free time. there are heaps of thing languishing on my to-do list because I have so little free time that whenever I get some, I feel I must use it to do something really productive, like writing a novel no one will ever read. (cue insane laughter)

and of course there is the "research" for my uni thesis/novella which involves reading lots of pro-ana blogs and cruising around Second Life trying to find someone who's not a newbie or a sex maniac to talk to. the pro-ana blogs are really scary; I was skinny and food-obsessed at 16 too, but these girls are so much more conscious in the way they manipulate it. they set out to get an eating disorder, and when they do, they actively feed it with heaps of images of superskinny models. plug "pro-ana blog" into google if you want to see what I mean. "thinspo" also turns up a few. anyone who says pictures of skinny girls don't make other girls anorexic should read a few of these blogs.

of course it's also about control - teenage girls get so little control over their lives. they think they're in control by conforming to a media image. ironic, huh?

so glad A's a boy sometimes...

he is going well, though dh is working long hours and I get a bit desperate for free time and a bit tired of doing all the housework, and at least once a day I shout at A. that sounds awful, but usually it's because he's actively causing me pain or interfering with something potentially dangerous, after I've told him not to. and it's balanced with masses of hugs and book reading and excursions and play, so I'm not worried that I'm traumatising him. I only draw the line where my sanity ends, really.

finally, vale Greg Wiggle, hello Sam Wiggle. The concert is next week. looks like I'll never see Greg perform now.

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