Monday, December 11, 2006

A is now three years and one month and is developing attitude. he says "listen to me, listen to me", "don't snatch" (when I take a toy because he's ignoring me, and sings Wiggles songs with "mummy" substituted for key words, as in "toot toot chugga chugga big red Mummy". in other words, he's exactly like me. his arms and legs have lengthened and he is onto everything we say; I tend to explain what we're talking about in quite adult terms, and he at least pretends to get it.

thank God, though, he still needs a little afternoon nap.

this week's fun was reading an article about company called Fermiscan that has a test for breast cancer it's trying to commercialise, involving testing hair rather than squashing victims' patients' breasts between cold metal plates. so despite the fact the price had gone up fourfold in the last six months, I bought $7000 worth of shares. and hooray, it went up 50% again. I've sold most of them but kept a few, on the principle that even if it doesn't make squillions, it's a fine and worthy idea.

don't think this makes me rich; in the past year I've probably just broken even on share trading. you can never tell which stocks are going to take off like that, and which will tank. it keeps me busy.

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